The Eye (2012-2013)


 The kinetic scene is an image with a moving object (objects). As a rule, motion in the frame creates dynamics and blurs forms - the details of the object are beyond clear definition. Objects may be present in the scene but, unlike the main object, they are still and well detailed. This creates the contrast between space (fixed objects) and time (objects in motion).                                                                    


© Leon Bugaev



 "His world is silhouettes out of nowhere: they’re in constant movement emphasizing static objects and attributes (atelephone, stool or umbrella). They don’t seem threatening, but their restive, partly devilish nature forces one to worry, due to a lack of understanding of their nature and motives. The black haze from which they arise, and with which they merge, frames the shot. Bugaev creates the illusion that the object of the camera is merging with the eyes of the viewer, as if somehow focusing on the imperceptible fragments of this irrational world. In his shots, time stops and occasionally takes on a tangible form, like, for example, the scarves of models transforming into the faces of monsters. A hazy dark figure makes a sudden move, but its head is fixed in the foreground, looking at the viewer. Personages have no faces; instead they have masks – a butterfly, briefcase, globe, turkey, in which we instinctively seek out the outlines of the eyes, nose and libs." Rara Avis