The Fourth Shot (2009-2012)

“Without madness what is man
But a wholesome beast,
Postponed corpse that begets?”

                              Fernando Pessoa


The Fourth Shot it of approximately 20 works; each composition features four photos, scenes. Two scenes in the picture are layered to create a different parallel. And nobody knows how many parallels exist between them. The main goal in this format is to create a space free of sharp angles and eliminate linearity. To bring to a point where the logic grows dim... 
Infinity has no endpoint. 8 - when divided in half, it has two equal parts (4 and 4). If divided again, the new parts will also be equal (2, 2, 2, 2), displaying a quadruple equilibrium. There is no beginning and no end - just an endless middle... 


If we perceive the image superficially, then it’s a frozen moment in time. But if we go further, penetrating the ordinary line of contemplation, we’ll be able to see an entirely different picture. This is like a kaleidoscope which will be creating different images. Like sounds flowing through the four windows, creating a stereo panorama; like an abstract symphony where the musicians are forced to improvise because their sheet music has been carried away by the wind of madness...   © Leon Bugaev                                                                               


"In his new series, The Fourth Shot, Bugaev challenges the idea that photographs need offer a clear focal point, a beginning and an end..."  Combustus